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James Blake

I found a 2003 bobcat toolcat for sale online for 2370.0
I emailed the lady and she gave me direction to purchase this vehicle. It sounded
To good to be true but I thought she was in the middle of a divorce so I sent the money to
A google wallet agent. They sent a confirmation number then
I had to wait for processing. The next day they wanted another
1200.00 for insurance. That is when I figured out it was a scam.
I tried to emai them back and no response . I sent another request
To buy the bobcat and used my wife's email and they replied with the same
Info they gave me. I then filed a report with the local sherrifs department.
Good luck finding them. I hate the Internet .



We are very sorry to hear that this happened to you. We've decided to create this post to make people aware of the precautions one has to take when dealing with other people on internet.

Did this happen at Yakaz or elsewhere?

Best regards,


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